"The participants are awesome & the staff is great too."

- Maz, Adult Dev. Program Community Coach

"Interacting with the participants is what I enjoy most about my job."

- Eva, HRS Independent Facilitator

"I honesty have the best job ever!"

- Melody, Clubhouse Supervisor

"I would describe VV as a community where we all help each other to be better. Knowing that I'm helping is very rewarding."

- Devon, DTAC Pala Instructional Assistant

"I love being out in the field with my clients giving them ongoing support & making sure they are happy & satisfied with their jobs."

- Ron, Supported Employment Job coach

"I'm in love with our participants. How can you not appreciate their different skills & talents when facing a new experience? Every single try they do is a success."

- Maluca, Emeritus Independent Facilitator

"My favorite part of my job is being able to interact & teach each participant how to accomplish goals that are set to their capabilities."

- Chris, DTAC Alambre Independent Facilitator